AirCertify™ provides Swiss precision air quality inspection and certification services for a wide range of buildings, including offices, data centers, schools, healthcare facilities, museums, and technology spaces. AirCertify™ ensures ongoing compliance and safety.

The AirCertify™ label has a QR code link to your online air quality certificate. Scan the QR code or click on the image below to view a sample AirCertify™ certificate:

AirCertify™ in 2 Simple Steps:


Our authorized AirCertify™ service partner visits your facility to collect air quality data using specialized electronic nose equipment and to collect material dust samples from floors and walls.


Air sampling data and material samples are analyzed in our Swiss laboratory located in Zurich. We then email you detailed laboratory reports along with silver AirCertify™ labels. These labels, printed with QR codes linked to your online certificate, can be displayed on doors, racks, and other surfaces, demonstrating your commitment to environmental due diligence.

In order to ensure compliance with air quality standards it is important that air quality data is from a trustworthy source. Please contact us if you would like an authorized AirCertify™ partner to contact you.

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AirCertify™ Benefits:

  • Promotes positive relationships with tenants, customers and employees.

  • Helps avoid lawsuits and cancellation of equipment warranties and insurance.

  • Reduce equipment downtime and increase MTBF (mean time between failures).

  • Unparalleled Swiss made quality and objectivity.

  • Trustworthy third party analysis.

Why proving environmental due diligence is more important than ever:

IT equipment manufacturers and insurers require that ASHRAE TC 9.9 recommended air quality be maintained or risk loss of insurance and warranty coverage. Settlements resulting from contamination related downtime can cost millions of dollars.

An initial study (preprint) from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that an increase of just 1μg/m3 in PM2.5 was associated with an 8 % increase in COVID-19 death rates. Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

"building owners must not only ensure their buildings can adequately manage IAQ and implement the appropriate measures,but they will also have to communicate their efforts" . Source: Carbon Lighthouse Study

"Contamination has been the indirect cause of more data processing downtime than all the fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and disgruntled employees combined." Source: Disaster Recovery Planning